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Project success has been historically defined as a project that meets its objectives under budget and schedule. This evaluation criterion has remained the most common measure in many industries. But for a development project, success goes beyond meeting schedule and budget goals, it includes delivering the benefits and meeting the expectations of beneficiaries, stakeholders, donors, or funding agencies.
Quality, uniqueness, and discipline. In every type of project, we give our best to satisfy expectations with maximum energy, excellent teamwork, and good organization. In the Project section, you can take a look at some of the projects that we have done.
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Attachment system

AWS cloud-based serverless platform

Design of AWS architecture and deployment, integration tools, messaging queue, and scalable services for processing client’s data using machine learning. Management of development, consulting and training with the local development team.

Python, Angular, AWS, DynamoDB, CDK

Vehicle diagnosis system


AWS cloud-based serverless platform

Design of AWS architecture and deployment that helps automotive manufacturers and suppliers to build serverless IoT applications that gather, process, analyze, and act on connected vehicle data, and integration tools. Implemented a wide range of innovative connected vehicle services and scalable services for processing client data. Management of development, consulting. Discover and implement security issues. Handling certificates.

NodeJS, Java, Angular, AWS, Aurora, CDK

Integrated security management system

System for tracking IT compliance according to current

HTK consulting developed a system design for tracking IT compliance according to current
standards, based on the ISO/IEC 27001, BSI standards 100/200 (IT basic protection), BSI C5 catalog (requirements catalog cloud computing), KRITIS Ordinance (KRITIS-V), B3S – Industry-Specific Security Standards, TISAX, BAIT, VAIT, KAIT, VDS 10000, ISIS12 standards. IT compliance describes adherence to legal, internal, or contractually prescribed requirements for the IT of an organization. These requirements are made up of various requirements for IT security, data protection, availability, and integrity that apply to systems and processes. Each target object needs to be checked and controlled to continuously optimize effective mechanisms and procedures. HTK Consulting developed a customized solution creating measures, modules, requirements, and threats from the catalog internal tool. Implementing principles to the target objects. Consulting in the area of IT security, supporting external teams, and training courses.
Java, Oracle, Hibernate, Spring, Docker, Kubernetes, Angular.

Management of database data

Customized tool

Consulting and customized add-ons for importing raw client data from Excel files into Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL based systems. Since the new clients have an excel file with the data, HTK Consulting developed a customized, automated integration tool for German IT Consulting company to enable imports for the new clients, delete, update of user data for current, eliminating the need for handling manual data entry. Clients can use different versions of imported data. Handling of differences between data is one more add-on provided by HTK Consulting. Comparing old and new files we provided a mechanism for the client that will generate a difference between database data and update scripts per supported database.

SAP, Oracle, MY SQL, MSSQL, Java, Excel/SharePoint

A new project can offer you a new challenge.Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent.


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Our main focus

  • Maximum results with minimum costs and efforts
  • Committed to the speed and quality of hiring
  • Getting work done efficiently
  • Security and safety
  • Transparency

We are

  • Professional - we work in international projects for well-known companies
  • Reliable - we implement your requirements promptly, flexibly and in continuous coordination
  • Innovative - we are passionate about being a solution for your growth


  • Development, consulting and tech recruitment expertise in large companies and small start-ups
  • Experience in blockchain, gaming, fintech, new tech, medical software, cloud systems, cross-platform tools, AI, vehicle assistance systems

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